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Building Your Home

3d Where to from here
Congratulations!  You’ve made a really solid decision to build your new home in concrete. 

Where to from here? If you already have your own plans, we can go straight to the pricing stage.  If not, please request Your New Home Plan Brief and complete to enable us to begin designing your new home. 
We want you to be completely satisfied with all aspects of your concept plans.

Once you are, we will:
  1. Assist you to complete a Your New Home Pricing Brief, so we know exactly how you want your home to finish e.g. cladding, flooring and kitchen details.
  2. Prepare a fixed price proposal.
  3. Prepare a building contract with a detailed addendum so you know exactly what will be included— no hidden extras!
  4. Have plans drawn for council consent once the contract is signed and submit them to council within 2 weeks.  We’ll also set a commencement date, normally 4 - 6 weeks following submission.
  5. A design consultant will assist you in checking the finer details of your home. They will discuss with you colour options for the exterior and interior along with electrical, bathroom and kitchen design. This will be an ongoing service through the build process to assist you with any changes if necessary.
3e houseplan Council Consents
Once you have accepted our quotation we will then prepare a contract & addendum for you to sign. Homestead will then arrange for your plans to be finalised with construction details ready for council. Homestead takes all responsibility for submitting the plans into council.

Homestead can also take care of any required Land Use or Resource Consent.

Once plans have gone into council it usually takes about 4-6 weeks before we can start on site. Once the plans have been approved from council the wheels start turning to create your new home.
Managing Your New Home Project
You need project management you can trust!

Good project management requires close attention to the production ‘triangle’ — scope, cost and schedule. In the middle sits a big ‘Q’ for quality. 

Homestead Concrete Homes has a hard-earned reputation for delivering quality-constructed homes, on-time and on-budget.

Above all, we work hard to achieve the result we all want — completely satisfied new home owners.  That sometimes means going the ‘extra mile’.  

There’s no substitute for experience and Homestead Concrete Homes has lots of that.
Our Building Process
Few building companies maintain control over the principal building component.  Because Homestead manufactures our own precast concrete panels we’re able to plan and manage our own time-frames more rigidly.

Here is a summary of the sequence and schedule:
  1. Wall panels are precast in Homesteads' own precast factory and are then transported to your site. A crane is used to lift the wall panels into place.  The floor is then prepared and tied into the walls.
  2. Roof framing is completed ready for roof and windows. The exterior texture is then applied —plaster, linea weatherboards, brick or schist — for your choice of finish.
  3. The interior walls are constructed and electrical, plumbing and gas services fitted, then the insulation and Gib lining is bonded onto the walls.
  4. Once the gibstopping is complete, the painters decorate the interior to the colour scheme of your choice.
  5. The next step is the best part – seeing all your ideas come together.  The kitchen and bathrooms are fitted and floorings laid. Finally the landscaping and concrete areas are all completed ready for you to move in
2r Home Construction process Panels poured in precast factory 2r 2 Site Excavation b 2r 3 Panels Erected 2r 4 Trusses installed

1.Panels poured in pre-cast factory

2.Site excavation

3. Panels erected

4. Roof framing complete

Closed In 2 Interior Wall linings 2r 6 Bathrooms Completed by Homestead Concrete Homes b 2r 7 Homestead Concrete Homes Kitchen
5. Closed In 6. Interior Walls & Linings 7. Bathrooms Completed 8. Kitchen Installed

Homestead Home during construction 2

8. Move In


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