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Plan & Pricing Brief

Plan brief
Your New Home Plan Brief

When building a new home, many people can’t find a plan that meets all their requirements and dreams, or they don’t have the imagination or know-how to design their own home.

Homestead has created a Plan Brief for you so that our experienced draughting team can capture your requirements and together we can create a design that is exactly what you want.

Once you have completed a Plan Brief you can return to us with or without a sketch. We can then get an understanding of what you need and what would suit you. From there we will give you options such as modifying a plan from our design range or having our draughting team design your own personalized plan.

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Pricing Brief 1
Your New Home Pricing Brief 

Because Homestead specializes in customized homes we have created a Pricing Brief which covers all aspects of a home using today’s most common materials and products.  Homestead captures your all your ideas such as exterior finishing’s & features, kitchen, bathroom, floor coverings, heating and landscaping.  The comprehensive Pricing Brief gives you a wide range of options that makes your home unique and to ensure that nothing is forgotten. Anything not covered, feel free to make notes and comments as you go. However, if you feel the desire to make changes as your home is being built, this is more than welcomed.
This is an easy-to-use fill in PDF form which assists us with presenting you with a customized proposal and detailed addendum including everything.

Through the brief, there are website links to browse. This will create ideas and give you a better understanding of materials and products. 

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