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Why Concrete?

warm healthy home
A Warm, Healthy Home
No one wants to live in a damp, drafty home; however, many weatherboard and plaster homes pose a huge risk of letting water and cold drafts in. Concrete construction is cavity - free resulting in a warmer, dryer climate and better on-going energy efficiency. Read more... 
2e Built to Endure
Strong & Secure
Concrete was used by the Roman Empire to erect grand designs, like the Colloseum, that still stand strong today - 2000 years later. So when faced with the fury of nature, you can rely on the structural integrity of concrete. Read more...
p91 earthquake safe
Earthquake Safe
The unique modular tilt panel system has the panels tied into the floor - providing a stronger, safer environment in the event of an earthquake. Read more...
Energy efficent
Energy Efficient 
Concrete homes use the thermal mass of the walls and tight seals at joints to excel at keeping conditioned air in, and extreme temperatures out. This keeps the house from overheating or getting suddenly cold when the furnace or air conditioner cycles on and off throughout the day, making for a healthier living environment. Read more... 
Quiet & Peaceful 
Concrete homes are often two-thirds quieter than conventional homes. The dense concrete construction doesn't allow noise pollution from traffic or planes in, which means your home will be much quieter and a more peaceful place to live. Read More... 
2m Design Flex
Design Flexibility 
A concrete homes' exterior is very flexible and can be molded to adopt the look and feel of any architectural style - be it a plaster looking finish or a villa-like weatherboard home. The only difference is the advantage behind this 'skin', durability & strength, low maintenance, energy efficiency, temperature stability, environmental friendliness, peace & quiet. Read more... 
2L Eco Friendly
Concrete is the 'Natural Choice'. Because concrete is made of air, water, cement, sand and gravel, you can rest assured that the construction of your home will use some of the most plentiful resources in the planet! Read more... 
immidiate cost
Faster Building Process 
Homestead uses a unique precast concrete panel system that is faster than any other construction method. The structure of your home is erected in 1 day and your dream home can be ready in 14 weeks. Read more... 
2h More Subtle Threats
Durability - Rot & Rodent Free
Concrete homes are durable, long lasting structures. The concrete walls are not vulnerable to rot or deterioration as is untreated timber. Concrete provides better protection against termites and other pests that infest conventional homes. Read more.. 
2d protect your investment
Greater Investment
With a Homestead Concrete Home, you will not only save on routine maintenance and energy costs but you will ultimately benefit from a higher re-sale value due to the superior weathering resistant properties of concrete along with all the benefits of a concrete home. Read more...
"Does it really matter what building materials are used in my new home?"

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It certainly does.  The materials you choose will have a major influence on your lifestyle, financial future, your health and possibly even your personal safety.

While other ‘fad’ building materials have come and gone - some with disastrous results incurring billions of dollars in remedial costs - concrete steadfastly remains the most dependable option of building material.

Concrete is one of the worlds' oldest and most reliably proven forms of construction, dating from Roman times.  Indeed many such structures; bridges, aqueducts and buildings, remain standing today, some 2000 years later.

Although  modern composition elements of concrete have changed slightly, its amazing properties have not.

Concrete is easily maintained and practically ageless.

No other building material compares as favorably. Concrete is extremely durable, provides a impermeable barrier against extremes in heat, cold and noise, and is the safest material available in the event of fire.


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