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Concrete Flexibility? What comes to mind …? Endless Possibilities

Concrete offers amazing design versatility enabling you to be totally creative and expressive without the many constraints encountered when using other construction materials. No other building material can match its innate flexibility to be formed in a specific shape. 

For more than 2,000 years, concrete has allowed designers world-wide to create iconic buildings.  In contemporary times, award-winning designs for both residential and commercial projects have used concrete.

No other material offers such amazing design versatility as concrete, freeing the designer from many of the constraints associated with other construction materials.  It can be formed into any shape, providing an unlimited choice of curves and angles. 

There is infinite potential for development and manipulation of the size, shape, colour, texture and details of your home.

Our unique tilt panel system can be used to create large open spaces and architectural features – offering total flexibility in designing your home’s floor plan and style.

Walls can be built in virtually any design with popular contemporary architectural features such as high stud heights, large window and door openings, wide floor spans, cathedral ceilings and even exposed concrete feature walls. 

Let your creativity flow and we’ll shape this wonderful material to match!

Beauty That’s More Than Skin Deep

New homes often appear to be made of ‘similar’ construction; the ‘skin’ covering the exterior  – whether it’s plaster, brick or weatherboard  –  provides the same finished appearance whether it’s placed over timber frame or concrete construction.

Our concrete homes will accommodate any modern or traditional exterior finishing that a conventional home uses. 

But don’t be fooled.   Behind the home’s veneer, the virtues of concrete stand out as unique – strength, durabilityenergy efficiencytemperature stabilityenvironmental friendlinesspeace and quiet.

Concrete is simply a better way to build a better home!


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