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Strong & Secure

p91 earthquake safe
Brute Strength AND Beauty

The life-span of a concrete home is significantly longer than one built in conventional materials. Concrete has been used extensively as a building material for thousands of years — there is exceptional strength in concrete construction. It gains most of its strength in the first 28 days, and continues to 'cure' over a four year period. Chemically, the process of 'hydration' causes the compounds in cement to elongate. As the compounds lengthen, they intertwine and create an impermeable surface.

Practically, you’ll benefit from lower annual maintenance and energy costs while living in a home that provides a secure haven for your family.

2e Built to Endure
Protecting Your Family against the forces of Nature

Faced with the potential fury of nature, few building materials can match this robust, durable substance.

2f Wind Resistant
Wind Resistant 

Your concrete home will give you total peace of mind during severe weather conditions. Homestead Concrete Homes are engineered to withstand much higher wind loads than those of conventional homes - up to 250 mph. 
2g Impact Resistant
Impact Resistant

A home built like a fortress. Studies performed at the Wind Engineering Texas Tech University, tested the impact resistance of residential concrete wall on hurricane damage.  Solid concrete wall resistance was compared to that of conventional walls.  To stimulate flying debris in a hurricane a timber stud was shot at a timber-framed, steel-framed and solid concrete walls, built to residential standards.  Results showed that only the solid concrete wall completely prevented any penetration from the stud travelling at 109 mph. Solid Concrete walls are also significantly stronger than concrete block homes.
Earthquake symbol
Safer in an Earthquake

Our unique tilt panel system has the panels tied into the floor – providing a stronger, safer environment in the event of an earthquake. Homestead Concrete Homes are engineered to exceed the required earthquake standards for council consent. Read more.
Greater Fire Resistance 

Solid concrete resists fire significantly better than timber or steel. Recent 'fire-wall' tests have shown solid concrete to withstand a continuous constant temperature of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 hours without structural failure.  During the test, flames never passed through the walls of the ‘cool’ side of the wall.  By contrast, walls constructed of timber collapsed typically in an hour or less.

Concrete can be easily cleaned and restored with minimal work after the event of a flood. Timber framed homes lined with plasterboard can require extensive re-fitting. In the rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, architects and engineers looked at reinforced concrete walls as a solution to keep water out of homes and avoid homes shifting or floating away when submerged in flood waters.  


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